Well hello there internet,

It’s been awhile. My mother keeps pressuring me to write and I’m an un-employed low-budget paid actor, so what the hell.  She probably doesn’t remember all the awful, traumatic blogs I used to write back in high school and college though. Good ole Blogger and Myspace. What a wonderful venue for what my mother likes to call diarrhea of the emotions.

This time around I’ll play it safe. Less dramatics, but same choppy grammar. I’m a writing rebel.

Anyone see the movie Julie and Julia? The one where Amy Adams decides she’s going to cook all of Julia Child’s recipes? I’ve been going through a similar thing. I have all these cookbooks that I’ve collected over the years and yet never really cooked out of any of them. A couple of years ago I decided that I was going to cook every recipe in every cookbook of mine. For the most part I’ve held true to this. I’ve used substitutions when it comes to recipes containing anchovies. I just can’t handle salty fish, sorry! I admittedly skipped a bagna cauda recipe  because I could tell it wasn’t a good recipe for it and I didn’t want to waste my time. I’m part Italian so I know these things. Other then that, I’ve stayed true to the course.

So how I’ve been doing this, is that I alternate between each cookbook. For each cookbook I go in order that the recipe is listed. For many of my cookbooks, I’m still stuck in appetizers and/or soups. Thankfully not all of them are so traditional.

This blog will be mostly accounts of my mishaps and my wins in the world of cooking. I’m certainly no expert in cooking. In eating, maybe, but not cooking.

Hopefully this will be amusing to me as well as others. One can only hope.