What Was Meant to be Figs, Turned to Melons

I was real lazy with this recipe, but I mean it’s not a difficult recipe. Then again, shouldn’t that make me want to put a little extra effort because of that? Then again, I live in Los Angeles and there’s a reason rich people have what they call chore whores. Stepping outside to go anywhere in Los Angeles requires an effort. I live .9 miles away from my nearest grocery store. Depending on the time of day, that can take me 15 minutes to get to. No joke. Some days I just don’t even want to test it.

So here’s the deal with this recipe that comes from The Italian Mama’s Kitchen, it calls for figs and prosciutto. My Von’s does not sell figs. I could have driven down to a Gelson’s or a Whole Foods where they possible might sell figs, possibly. Side note here, I loathe Whole Foods. Why? It’s a bit the hipster in me but also the fact that it is so expensive and I feel like they are exploiting people who want to eat healthy. Exploitation pisses me off, especially when money is involved.

Gelson’s is also a little pricey, but I’d rather go there than Whole Foods. I decided not to, because it’s on the other side of my neighborhood. I make the trek there often to go to Trader Joe’s which is across the street from the Gelson’s, but even going to Trader Joe’s is a pain. There’s no direct easy route there and depending on the time of day you have to wait until a parking spot is open; which could be worse, but thankfully there’s a parking attendant to monitor all the parking traffic. Once you get through all of that mess, you’ll think you are safe and content, but then you open the door to the store and everyone is running amok and blocking aisles.  I often feel like I’m in some strange obstacle course or somehow got sucked into an intense game of supermarket sweep.

It’s a struggle, it’s a battle, and there can be only one

Anyway, this is a long explanation of why I decided to buy citrus melon instead. To be fair to myself, the recipe said you should try this with citrus melon as well. Also a friend of mine actually found and did a similar recipe for his Superbowl party. So I already knew it was delicious.

Yes it was, is, and will always be delicious. It’s also not hard to do. You cut the melon and wrap prosciutto around it. That’s all ya gotta do. I would have loved to have tried this with figs and maybe someday I will, but for now citrus melon is a top-notch replacement.


Poorly Wrapped Prosciutto on Melon (2015) Von’s, Santoku knife, Melon, Prosciutto (1/4 sliced)