Shallow Thoughts by Jill Shadey

Have you ever had a thought or a feeling that you know is completely shallow, but you still feel that way anyway?

You feel like Trump. You feel like a narcissistic POS that is quick to point out other people’s flaws when meanwhile you have shitty hair and are a shit person.

Then you think, but I’m not a shitty person. I do all these other thoughtful things and do my best to be good to people. Then you remember, “Trump thinks he’s a great person too! He thinks he can make America great again! Be honest, so do you! You’re like Trump!”

Worse of all, you know you can’t keep it to yourself either. Like Trump, you’ve got to spew your vile at something or someone. You can’t just keep it to yourself like a responsible person with self control. Oh no, you’ve got to think about writing a blog, a Facebook post, or a novella to a “lucky” winner of your choice.

You judge girls for taking lots of selfies, but you know damn well that you take selfies too. Your medium just happens to be writing instead of pictures.

Then it all makes sense why the very thing you were feeling shallow about is a more fruitful option than you.

Of course he’d rather be with the girl you think isn’t as attractive as you are. Of course. She probably has an award winning personality that doesn’t include shallow narcissism.

You know damn well looks aren’t everything, but you thought you had at all. At least for them anyway.

You don’t even know why you care. You’ve moved on. You want someone else even. Someone who also isn’t ready for you, but took you in anyway, for a little bit of time.

Your friends tease you about getting hit on. You laugh at it. You kind of enjoy it, but only because the ones you do want only want you temporarily.

You feel frustrated with yourself. You wonder if you’re severely flawed. You know you’re self involved. You write a narcissistic blog and you end it with,




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