Reading 9 to 5

Hello again people of WordPress. I apologize for my absence. I’ve been beyond busy due to the fact that I’ve been rehearsing for a play and working temp jobs.

In fact, right now, live on the web, I’m temping as a receptionist. My main duties are answering the phone and delivering mail. This means I have ample time to sit and read, surf the internet, and write this blog. I’m glad this is allowed, because otherwise I’d just be staring into space. When I first whipped out a book, though, I got nervous. “Is this ok? Will others be pissed that I get to read all day?”

No one cares here, but I can guarantee if I did the same thing when I was a server, I’d be fired on the spot even if there was nothing to do. They work you like mules in restaurants. Being late is almost non-negotiable and they expect to get more than their money’s worth from you. I rank serving as one of the hardest jobs out there. Be kind to your servers, they truly are fighting a battle. They are champions of light against customers, their bosses, and the kitchen staff. Trust me, things get rough behind the scenes.

Reading books all day is not as great as it sounds though. As much as I enjoy the lack of stress, it does get old after a day.

Despite that, I do like the atmosphere of my temporary work environment. I’m currently working for an NPR radio show. I feel like I can’t disclose what show. I mean I’m not planning on saying anything bad, but I get the sense that’s info you shouldn’t divulge on a blog post.

I like the environment so much that I would want to stay permanently if I had busier work to do.

My other temp job was for a finance company. The work was busier and it paid well, but I was tucked in this corner away from everyone. Behind me was a conference room and in front of me was a grumpy woman. Needless to say, most of my social interactions were slight head nods and eavesdropping on the meetings taking place in the room behind me.

They also had a strict dress code, even though no one ever saw us, especially me. I mean I was hiding in this cubicle in the back for god’s sake. We still managed to get an email about how we weren’t living up to the dress code though. I was wearing flats and a nice shirt with leggings but this was unacceptable!!! The horror!

Against all those odds, I managed to enjoy myself well enough while I was there. My two supervisors were beyond patient and taught me some tricks on the computer. They were fun to interact with too. I just only saw them when I left my desk.

I’m getting used to office environments, but some elements are amusing to me. The one that affects me the most is, why is it ok for me to read books and not, shall we say my PSP or an iPAD game? Why do we gotta get all elitist about video games? It’s like office buildings think books are that girl you bring home to Mom and video games are some stripper with a tramp stamp and piercings in uncomfortable places.

Not all games are mindless whores! Some games are the type of girl you can bring home to Mom and have fun with at night! In fact, I consider myself to be a thought-provoking video game and every Mother I’ve met has loved me.

Why then is a book more acceptable office behavior than other activities? I feel guilty texting my friends on my phone even, but I don’t feel bad at all about reading a book or surfing the internet.

Isn’t that strange?

Besides having a bad reputation, I suppose video games is considered a childish endeavor, but let me counter that with, have you seen House of Cards? Frank Underwood rose his way to the top with aid of video games.

Frank Underwood answers his call of duty in so many ways!

On second thought, that might be a good argument against video games. “Hey kids, don’t play those devil games or you’ll end up like ol’Frank! Murder, political corruption, affairs, and threesomes with body guards!”

Maybe video games are the path to whoredom? Have I disgraced my honor?

Then again, Lana Del Rey seems to talk an awful lot about her boyfriend playing video games in the song aptly titled Video Games. She keeps wearing his favorite sun dress and coming over to his place. I think they both play video games, but it might be just him. Either way she states that “heaven is a place on earth here with you.” I should call her up and discuss this.


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