Mayo Blob Dip

The official name for this dip is Delicious Cracker Spread and is from Tastes of Monroe County. Mine wasn’t quite delicious and looked like a white blob. I have no doubts that this could have been a delicious cracker spread and I have theories as to why this is. The mysteries of the infamous blob have never been solved, but after my experience with this dip I feel that I may have made a ground breaking discovery!

Steve McQueen and I would have made an excellent team.

My theory will best be understood if I expound onto you the origins of this gelatinous being. These origins are, 2 cups of mayonnaise, 2 cups of shredded Swiss cheese, and 2 cups of chopped onions.

The mayo blob’s membrane is a mix of all these ingredients, but for it to mature you must also incubate for 20 minutes under 350 degrees.

This all seems simple enough, but I believe you don’t need 2 cups of mayo. I’d reduce this down to one in a half cups, because my blob tasted mostly like mayo. This wasn’t a terrible thing, but it did keep it from being delicious. I brought it over to my friend Megumi’s place and we doctored it up by adding more cheese and some spice. The cheese really did the trick, which makes my theory promising.

Perhaps if the infamous blob had just been nurtured more with cheese, it would not have sought out revenge against the good people of Downingtown, PA.

This blob is friendlier then his cousin of fame.

This blob is friendlier then his cousin of fame.


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