Cranberry Punch that you Can Spike and Give a Kick To

This recipe comes from Tastes of Monroe County aka the cookbook of Bloomington, Indiana and surrounding areas.

I brought this punch to two events, because the recipe is a whopping serving of 50 people. The first event was just a hangout at my friend Megumi’s and the other was a Prom Theme party a friend of mine invited me to. I made so much punch. Megumi, her husband, and I drank a fair amount of it, but I still had a ton left. I was going to throw it out when I remembered this prom party and realized that spiked punch is kind of thing with proms. At least that’s what Back to the Future and various other movies have taught me.


I was a little less discreet then these kids

So I brought my punch to this party where it blended very well with vodka and helped me mix with a slew of people I didn’t know. Thankfully I was able to converse with a handful of people. This is good news for me, because I tend to be that girl who stands in a corner and doesn’t talk to anyone at parties. In fact, eons ago a friend of mine took me to a party where he was the only person I knew. I sat on a couch and didn’t talk to anyone. I just sat and observed everyone. At one point this guy, who was probably intoxicated, just blurted out, “You’re one of those creepy girls who just sits there and stares at everyone, aren’t you?”

I didn’t know what else to do but laugh, which just made things worse. Then my friend got pissed off and kind of yelled at the guy. It was real awkward, but it did make me feel good that my friend stuck up for me.

Now that I’m older and slightly more comfortable with myself, I’ve found a way to handle my social inadequacy. Whenever I’m at a party and not talking to anyone, I try to find the other quiet person in the room. You kill two birds with one stone that way and more often than not, you find a kindred spirit.

Enough about parties and how I’m awkward at them. Let me tell you how to make this punch.

You will need, 1 12oz can of frozen orange juice concentrate, 1 6oz can frozen lemonade, 3 qt. of Cranberry Juice, 1 20 oz can of pineapple juice, and 1 1/2 qt. of water.

I recommend reducing this recipe in half by the way, unless you have a huge party coming up. Whatever you decide to do, the steps to making this are not difficult. Obviously, you’re going to add all these things together in a giant bowl. The only note I have is that the frozen juices do have instructions to add water and that should be followed. The additional water that is added doesn’t need to be exact. I didn’t add a quart of water and my punch turned out great.

I say just use your judgment as far as the additional water goes.

Other than that, this punch is tasty. It’s not too sweet nor tart. It’s flavor is blended nicely. It’s great as a mixer, but it’s just as good on its own as well. I’m not surprised by this, though. Punch is a Midwestern specialty afterall.


I served mine in my sweet new glass from Roswell!


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