Live from Storage Room B, it’s Smoothie Time!

I’m not a bum anymore! Well I’m temporarily not a bum. I’m currently working as a validation/baggage/coat check girl downtown in LA. If you’re worried I’m going to get in trouble for writing this, don’t fret! I was given permission to read and/or write while I work. Truthfully if that wasn’t allowed this would be a slightly inhumane job.

I think my employers know this and would agree. I mean, otherwise I’d be spending most of my time staring at this glass door with some random decal of a dude. I suppose I could pretend he was my friend and we could gossip inbetween our duties. That seems a little bit crazy though. Just a little. He’s got a nice smile.

My only friend

I’m actually doing ok down here but the customers like to make jokes about how I’m in a dark cave by myself, down this long hall, outcasted from society. I always want to joke back, “That’s my life in a nutshell, I’m used to it!”

Instead I just smile and say, “I’m fine, I get to read, it’s cool.”

Anyway, that has been my life the last couple of days.

Let us move on to a recipe. Today’s recipe comes from Cook This, Not That!, which is one of my favorite cookbooks because it’s healthy options for comfort foods and more. For the last few recipes I was in the breakfast/smoothie section, but this Papaya Strawberry Smoothie is the last of the smoothies listed in this book. So goodbye smoothie section! It’s been real!

Like the other smoothies I made this wasn’t difficult to make at all! My biggest problem was finding frozen papayas, which I wasn’t able to find, but that wasn’t a huge deal because there were at least fresh papayas at Von’s. So I cut my papaya into bits, removed the seeds, and stuck 3/4 a cup into my blender followed by 3/4 a cup of frozen strawberries. Then I added half a cup of OJ and half a cup of milk followed by a tablespoon of mint and blending, naturally.

The end result was good, but I have to admit it was my least favorite of the smoothies I have made. I mostly tasted the oj and the strawberries, which isn’t a terrible thing. It’s just the other smoothies, comparitively, were better.

Ye olde smoothie


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