Seasoned Oyster Crackers

This recipe comes from Tastes of Monroe County and it reminds me a lot of the garlic and herb wheat thins you can buy at the grocery store. I think they are better even and probably healthier too.

The biggest struggle I had with this recipe was trying to find the oyster crackers at Von’s. It took me forever to find them. I almost gave up, but eventually found them on the bottom shelf near the saltine crackers. I was also a little perplexed by the recipe asking for salad oil. Salad oil is basically whatever oil you are cool with when making your own dressing. I had to google that to figure that out though. I used olive oil, but other alternatives are grape seed oil, vegetable oil, or whatever you like really.

Other than that, this is real easy and simple to make. It’s pretty much shake and bake without the little girl who helps and with crackers instead of chicken or whatever you shake and bake with.

Thanks for helping kid.

Anyway, you mix the oyster crackers, a cup of olive oil, one package of Hidden Valley Ranch dry salad dressing mix, a teaspoon of dill weed, and a bit of lemon pepper and garlic powder and spread on a cookie sheet. Make sure that the oil has absorbed as evenly as possible and bake in a 300 degree oven. After 15-20 minutes you will have a nice, crispy, and tasty snack.

Not much to this one, but those are sometimes the best recipes anyway.

IMG_1010 (1)

Oyster Crackers


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