Son-in-Law Eggs or Subtle Ways to Let Your Son-in-Law Know You Think He’s a Dick

Son-in-Law eggs come from my Thai cookbook. They are basically Thai deviled eggs, which I find intriguing. What is it about the deviled egg dish that different cultures have to give it such odd names? Also why son-in-law? Are they implying young men really love deviled eggs? Is it tradition to serve your son-in-law these eggs when they come to visit? Why? Why the strange names for boiled eggs that are cut in half with random stuff on top?

Don’t fret readers, because I looked this up for you and the story behind it is far better than what I thought. If a mother thinks her son-in-law is being an artichoke dick to her daughter she will serve this dish to let him know that his dick behavior could inspire her to serve his dick in a similar fashion. In other words she will pull a Lorena Bobbit on you.

I was hoping that westerners were inspired to call deviled eggs, deviled eggs, because of this story. Alas that isn’t the case! Western deviled eggs do originate from Rome, though, and the modern name originates around the 17th century because deviled was a term to describe food that had been boiled and/or was spicy.

Back to son-in-law eggs though. The process is very similar to deviled eggs, except after you boil and peel the eggs you fry them. By the way, I solved my boiled egg problem because the Thai cookbook actually gave me tips on how to boil an egg well. Thank you Thai cookbook.

Anyway, you fry the eggs until golden brown and then set them aside. The next step is to saute two diced scallions until they are nice and crisp. Set that aside and then make your tamarind sauce. The tamarind sauce consists of tamarind concentrate, fish sauce, and brown sugar. You let that boil and then simmer for 5 minutes until it is nice and thick.

Once everything is cooked, you slice your eggs in half and add your scallions and sauce on top. The final step is to garnish with chili flakes and cilantro. I omitted the cilantro, but I imagine it would be delicious on top.

I wasn’t a big fan of this dish. I thought it was ok. I think it’s because I’m not really a fan of tamarind. It’s a bit too tart and sweet for me. I loved the scallions on top, though. If I ever feel like making my own deviled egg combo, I would probably put scallions on it.


The sauce represents the blood clotting that will ensue if you keep mis-treating your wife.


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