Conquering Artichokes via Frying

No, not another artichoke recipe! AHHHHHHHH!

This artichoke recipe comes from Sicilian Cookery and in Sicilian (wink, wink) it’s called Carciofi Fritti in Pastella aka Batter-fried Artichokes.

I considered cheating and just buying artichoke hearts, but I thought I’d give the artichoke another shot. I will not be giving artichoke like boyfriends more shots though. Screw that nonsense.

I bought my artichokes from Trader Joe’s. They had a nice cheap package of four and that just happened to be what the recipe called for. When I opened that package they had helpful tips on how to cook an artichoke. They claim it’s easy. I disagree Trader Joe’s. Quit lying.


I love you Trader Joe’s, but you don’t know what you’re talking about.

For this recipe, the first step is to make your frying batter. This consists of white flour, a pinch of yeast, a couple of eggs, garlic, parsley, salt, and pepper. Before you add all those other ingredients, however, you get the flour going first. Meaning, you add water in the flour to get it all thickened up. Once that’s done you add the yeast and once that has dissolved, you add the egg. Beat the egg with the flour until the consistency is smooth. Once it’s smooth you sprinkle in the garlic, parsley, salt and pepper and commence mixing. After everything is mixed, you leave to rest for a half hour.

While you wait for your batter, you then “easily” prepare the artichokes by stripping the spiky layers off. I wasn’t sure how far to strip the layers, honestly. I almost stripped them completely, because most of it is spiked to me, but the recipe didn’t say artichoke hearts. So I wasn’t sure how far to go. I ended up keeping a few of the leaves. However much you strip, once you strip, you cut into wedges and then blanch in water with lemon juice for five minutes.

If you don’t know what blanching means, it’s basically steaming the vegetables in boiled water for a short period of time.

After the artichokes have been blanched, you drain, dip them in the batter and then fry those suckers in olive oil.

I had a hard time getting the batter to stick to my artichokes. I’m not sure if that’s my fault or if that’s just the way the batter is. The frying process went better than in my past frying experiences. I still haven’t quite figured out the best way to fry. I know the temperature has to be just right and that there are tricks to test that, but I haven’t tried them out yet. I plan on doing so next time.

The end result of the artichokes overall was good, but some of the leaves were too crunchy to eat and I had to spit them out. The hearts were the best part, as it goes with artichokes.


Fried Artichokes


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