Deviled Eggs from the Third Circle

My latest recipe is from I Love Spice and is a slightly spicy version of deviled eggs. I have never made deviled eggs in my life so I was excited to try this out. I also used to hate deviled eggs. I thought they were disgusting, but I decided to give them another chance and now my soul belongs to the devil. Sigh.

Unfortunately I screwed this recipe up a bit. Not devastatingly so, fortunately, but I messed up the very first step which is boiling the eggs. Since I used to hate boiled eggs in general, I never really boiled them, so I looked up how to boil eggs on the internet. I Love Spice didn’t tell you how to do it. They were probably thinking, “How hard could that be?” Well, they don’t know the sad person that is me who can’t boil eggs right.

Anyway, the internet told me to place the eggs in my water before the water boiled and then to let it boil slowly. This was frustrating for me, because I wasn’t sure when the egg were ready. So I think I took them out too soon, making it difficult to peel the shell and the yolk to not be fully cooked. This created a problem for the filling, as you can assume.

Whether you boil the eggs successfully or not, the next step after peeling is to cut them in half and scoop out your egg yolks. Then you mashed the egg yolk through a wire mesh strainer, which I don’t have so I tried to just mash them up as well as I could without making it too liquidy.

You then combine finely chopped pimentos and Spanish olives to your mashed egg along with mayonnaise, tabasco, a bit of cayenne, salt, and pepper.

This recipe also called for a pastry bag to place the filling in the egg and I actually tried to find one at Von’s but had no luck. I ended up using a spoon and the spoon worked fine.

After you fill all your eggs, you garnish with leftover pimentos and olives.

My filling was not thick enough and when I bit into my deviled eggs it smeared everywhere, but they still tasted delicious. I’m pretty sure if I had boiled my eggs correctly this wouldn’t have been a problem. Hopefully I’ll do it right next time.


Gluttonous eggs from the devil.


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