The Amazing Sweet and Sour Scallop Dish

This recipe comes from my lost cookbook Week Night Menus. I typed out the recipes I wanted to try before throwing out my dirty water soaked copy.

It’s a shame that I lost this cookbook because I like all the recipes I’ve cooked out if it so far. The best part is that they are also extremely easy to make.

My favorite part in this recipe was making the sauce which consisted of ketchup, soy, hoisin sauce, vinegar, sugar, and a bit of sriracha.

You can make the sauce first or later but it is the last ingredient added in the wok. That is, if you choose to make it in a wok. I recommended it. Woks are fun.

For your wok cooking, the first step is to lightly fry the scallops in cornstarch and oil. Once they’ve been lightly browned you add bell pepper, pineapple, and snowpeas. When all of that looks good and tasty you just pour the sauce on top and let that sauté for a bit.

Once the sauce is heated and mixed you garnish your plate with cashews and sliced green onion.



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