Isa Does It

This next recipe comes from a cookbook called Isa Does It. You’d think with a title like that, Isa does a lot of things. Unfortunately that doesn’t seem to be the case. So far, all I know of Isa, is that she’s vegan, she cooks, and she writes things about veganism.

Despite my love of cheese and meats, from time to time I do actually enjoy vegan food. If it’s good and vegan, why would you not like it? So far, Isa knows how to do it and do it right.

I got this cookbook as a Christmas present last year from my sister. My sister is not vegan, but she is a health nut. She got this for me because she figured it would have healthy recipes in it and maybe some would even be good with meat as well. She also liked how Isa explains how she fine tunes her recipes and thought it would help me learn how to cook better if I followed her insights.

So far, I do enjoy Isa insights and recipes. I’ve made two soups of hers and both were really good. The soup I made this time around is called Chick-pea Rice soup.

The first step to making this soup is similar to a French Onion Soup and that is slicing a yellow onion and sauteing it in oil for a few minutes. Then you add garlic, thyme, salt, and pepper. I ran out of thyme, so I substituted with rosemary and a bit of oregano. I really wanted to make a pun joke about that, but I spared the few of you who read this. You’re welcome, by the way.

After adding the spices you add half a cup of jasmine rice, carrots, cabbage and a lot of veggie broth. Side note, a head of cabbage weighs more than a pound. This recipe called for a pound of cabbage so I just grabbed a cabbage and started slicing away. I soon realized I had way too much cabbage in my pot. I ended up slicing only half of my cabbage.

The next step is to bring all of these items to a boil and then add some chickpeas. Finally you just cook the allotted time for whatever rice you end up using. Isa recommends letting it cook for as long as you possibly can. She says the longer you let it cook, the better it tastes. I ended up cooking mine for almost an hour.

The initial tasting was good. The rice was my favorite ingredient. The next day, however, I had some leftovers and that was not as good. For whatever reason the soup got real bland, real quick. I told a friend about this, who is a vegetarian, and she told me maybe I should add chicken to it. She was being serious too. I told her what was in it and she said that sounded too bland and since I was a carnivore, meat would probably add flavor. I ended up not doing this, but the combination of rice with chicken is always a good idea. As long as that is your thing of course.

IMG_0796 (1)

Wayyyyy too much cabbage.


A serving size



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