At Home with Leeks

My next recipe is a soup from the cookbook At Home with the French Classics. Most cookbooks begin with appetizers or soups. This cookbook is a soup starter. This makes for a nice break since my last few recipes have been appetizers. I’ve already made two variations of French Onion Soup from this cookbook. Both of which were amazing, so I’m already enjoying this cookbook immensely.

The soup I made this time around is called Potage Au Cresson or Watercress Soup for those who don’t know French. It’s been so long that I took French that I forgot that potage meant soup. I thought for a second it meant potato for hopefully obvious reasons. In my defense a lot of the romance languages have words that are only slightly different from their English counterparts. In Italian, soup is Zuppa, which I think is a cooler word for soup. It makes every soup sound zesty and fun. Potage sounds like you just threw random stuff in a pot. No offense to French people and if any French people feel bitter about it, there are a lot of French words English speakers just found way too awesome to alter. No one can be perfect at every little thing, so just chill out about it.

Funny enough, this soup is traditionally made with potatoes but the author of this book has made a healthier substitute by replacing the potato with zucchini. I admittedly would have probably liked it better with the potatoes. I’m a lover of starch and cheese after all. The other major ingredient of this soup is leeks. In fact I feel like it has more leeks than watercress to the point where I’m not sure why it isn’t called Leek Soup instead.

Moving on, the first step to this recipe is sauteing the leeks in butter. Once they have softened a bit you add and saute zucchini until brown. Then you pour in some vegetable stock and let that boil. Once it’s boiled you add watercress. Cook that for a bit and then pour it in a food processor. Once everything is chopped up nicely you warm it back up, pour a serving in a bowl and add a bit of cream, salt, and pepper.

The final result is a tasty, healthy soup that is fairly easy to make.


A healthy soup that can also be an artistic endeavor if you pour the cream in right.


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