Parmesan Prosciutto Biscuits

This dish is a suggested side order for a pasta dish in a cookbook called Sandra Lee’s Semi Homemade Meals. I usually make the side dishes she recommends with the main course, but I felt making the biscuits would be a carbo overload. So I decided to save it for later.

Baking is not my forte. Baking requires patience that I don’t have and/or an electric mixer that I’m too cheap to buy. Thankfully this cookbook is catered to lazy cooks like myself. It’s also a great beginner’s cookbook. To prove my point, the main ingredient in this recipe is Bisquick, which is the hamburger helper of the baking world.

The other main ingredient is prosciutto diced into tiny bits. You can be even lazier with this recipe and buy pre-cut prosciutto. My cheap side prevailed over my laziness so I opted for sliced prosciutto which I chopped later. It isn’t easy to cut prosciutto by the way. It’s slimy and thin so when you try to cut it, it naturally slides all over your cutting board making it difficult to lock down. Once you accomplish that though it’s smooth sailing.

The next step is combining the Bisquick with some heavy cream, the proscuitto, some olive oil, and pepper. Once everything is mixed, you knead the dough and then roll it out on a flat surface. As I mentioned above I’m cheap and therefore don’t own any cookie cutters. I do, however, have mason jars, complete with lids. These lids make excellent cookie cutters and in my opinion produced the perfect size for a biscuit.

Once you finish cutting the dough, you place them on a baking sheet, sprinkle some parm on top, and bake for 10 minutes. Mine turned out pretty good, some of them tasted a little too peppery so be aware of that. Other than that though, this was quick, easy, and good.




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