Mee Krob or A Food of Punishment

My next dish comes from my The Everything Thai Cookbook. I got this book when I discovered that I loved Thai food after my sister introduced me to it in college. So like usual I decided I wanted to learn how to make it for myself. So far that hasn’t been easy.

I’m also in the appetizer section of this cookbook. Thai appetizers have not been easy for me to make and this particular recipe was the most annoying and unsatisfying dish I’ve made so far.

To prepare you for this entry I googled Mee Krob and was surprised to discover that Mee Krob is actually in the urban dictionary. According to the Urban Dictionary it’s meaning is akin to a curse word meaning excrement. I couldn’t agree more.

I also discovered that this dish has ties to royalty. This is another thing I’m not surprised by. I’m pretty sure Thai royalty or more accurately Siam royalty ordered their servants to make this dish as a form of punishment.

I’m sure you are wondering now what the deal is with this dish, don’t worry I’m going to elaborate.

The first thing you have to do, which is the sauce, admittedly isn’t so bad. It consists of honey, sugar, vinegar, tamarind concentrate, and red food dye. The red food dye represents your victimization in making this dish. It’s very symbolic. Anyway you just mix all of that together. Simple, easy, stuff.

The next step is annoying. It’s so tedious and messy. You take a whole package of thin rice noodles and fry them in oil. This sounds easy, however, what you don’t realize is that the rice noodles are hard to break apart. When you do accomplish this task they fall into every crevice and corner in your kitchen. Then when they fry they puff up and squirt everywhere which causes you to have flashbacks of a certain dinosaur movie.


My experience with frying rice noodles.

After you escape death from doing that you fry some dried shrimp, which isn’t so bad. It just kind of smells like, well, Mee Krob I suppose. After that you fry two beaten eggs. Once that’s done you heat up the sauce, add the dried shrimp to it, and pour it over the rice noodles.

All of that is easy enough, but the grueling process of transferring everything to be oiled up separately as well as the whole squirting oil of death experience makes this dish very high maintenance.

While making this I tried to stay positive. I recalled when I made samosas and how it was also a bit of a grueling process, but it was worth it because they tasted so good. Not Mee Krob. Mee Krob is worse than artichokes, people. Mee Krob is the mee krobiest boyfriend you could ever had. It’s abusive, mean, ugly, and you don’t  even really like it. Just stay away. You can do better.


I can’t even think of a caption to describe my disappointment.


5 thoughts on “Mee Krob or A Food of Punishment

  1. To the author of this blog, while I can appreciate the opinion of a novice, I do not share those opinions. My mother is Thai and loves mi krop. It reminds her of home. I, myself, do not care for it as much as she does,but I do not find it repulsive either. Your comments are insulting to an entire race of people and maybe your cooking abilities,or lack thereof, is the reason for unpleasant experience. Sawadee.

    • I am sorry that you were offended by my post. I mean no offense to Thai people or culture. I’m a silly and goofy person. I was poking fun at my experience of making this dish and not the people of Thailand. It may very well be my lack of cooking ability or the recipe that made this dish unpleasant for me. I’m willing to admit that. I’m a 100 percent sure that your mother makes this dish better than I do and maybe if I tried hers, I’d like it.

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