Caffeinated Banana

This admittedly is a boring recipe to talk about. The good news is that it’s another easy and delicious recipe. It comes from a book called Cook This, Not That. It’s another cookbook that focuses on cutting out calories and making better decisions on ingredients and etc.

I like it because it compares its recipes with chain restaurant counterparts. It’s a little shocking how many calories, fat, and sodium can be punched into some food items.

I also like that they divide the recipes up by breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Right now I’m in the breakfast section. They start each section showing off the worst breakfast items in major chain restaurants. For example, I’m in a smoothie section and apparently there is a smoothie at Smoothie King that is almost 2,000 calories! Granted this a 40oz sized drink, but it still blows my mind. If you don’t know how much 40oz is and you’re an alcoholic it’s the same size as a Colt 40. This is why Colt 40s are called Colt 40s by the way. Hopefully you do know that though, because if not, then you’re either sheltered, poorly educated, or not observant. If you are these things I have faith in the powers of self-improvement and I’m sure you will be able to overcome your flaws.

If I’ve made you feel bad, just check out my grammar in this blog. It sucks sometimes because I’m not good at paying attention to detail and I’m too lazy to brush up on my grammar. We all have our flaws, it’s ok kids.

We should be jealous of the caffeinated banana though. It’s a slim and attractive drink of 300 calories. All you have to do to make it is blend a sliced banana, peanut butter, a bit of milk and coffee and a pinch of agave syrup with ice. Mix them all together, rub your blender, and a caffeinated banana will magically appear and grant you three wishes.


Magical Smoothie of Caffeine and Bananas


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