Spicy Asian Party Mix Adventure Team Go!

This next recipe comes from my Light and Healthy cookbook. I made a soup from it last time and it’s the first repeat recipe since I started this blog. I haven’t gone through the complete rotation quite yet though. The rotation of cookbooks got re-ordered after the great flood of my kitchen sink a month ago so I just started a new order.

My original copy of this book was paperback and the new one is a hardcover. It’s slightly different, but has all the same recipes. The recipes are just categorized and organized differently. The big difference is that they have sub-sections for everything. The sub-section I’m in right now is party mixes, under the category appetizers. The current party mix is Spicy Asian Party mix.

What makes this party mix Asian and spicy is that it has wasabi peas in it. I love spicy stuff and wasabi is one of the few spicy things that get to me. A small bite of wasabi can clear out your sinuses quicker than a neti pot.

The other ingredients are rice chex cereal, honey roasted peanuts, melba crackers, and chow mein noodles. It was very easy to make, as most chex mixes tend to be. After you throw in all the ingredients above, you mix soy sauce, butter, cayenne pepper, and other spices. Once the butter has melted and turned into a glaze, you spread it over the mixture and then bake everything for a few minutes.

The end result is very tasty. Although, I forgot that I didn’t have butter, so I substituted with a little bit of oil. I have a feeling the butter would have made it much better, but it was still good. The mixture of the honey roasted peanuts and the wasabi peas gave the mix a very unique flavoring as well.

The only thing I didn’t really care for was the chow mein noodles. They were too crunchy and hard to chew. I don’t really feel they added to the mix either, so I would do without that next time.

I ended up bringing this mix to my acting class where it was very much enjoyed. Although one friend of mine teased me and told me I needed to put a warning sign about the wasabi peas. He got a good chunk and hasn’t quite forgiven me for it.

He does have clear sinuses now though.

photo (14)

The Mix

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