Strawberries and Blueberries Who Like To Get Drunk

Here is another easy recipe that also makes a great dessert. It does not contain cheese though. Sad, I know.

It does however contain orange liqueur and cream! Woohoo right?!

I bought my strawberries and blueberries at Trader Joes. The plastic containers they came in were the perfect serving size for the recipe which made things easy. I sliced the strawberries and mixed them in a bowl with the blueberries. Then you add mint, a bit of heavy cream, honey, powdered sugar, and orange liqueur.

I’m not a big cocktail person. I like my alcohol to be simple. My favorite drink is Jameson and coke, followed by a margarita. When I first turned 21 I ordered White Russians a lot because I loved the movie The Big Lebowski, but I can’t say it was necessarily my favorite drink. So instead of buying a large bottle of orange liqueur I opted for one of those mini bottles you can buy at liquor stores. They just happen to be the perfect serving for the recipe and cheap.

The final ingredient is sliced pistachios, but I’m not a big fan of pistachios and they are expensive. So I substituted with walnuts. If they weren’t so expensive I would have liked to have tried them out in this dish. I could see how it would add a bit more to the flavoring.

All in all, the walnuts worked ok. They gave the dish some texture and mixed well with the other ingredients. The orange flavor is probably the most distinct, but not overpowering because of the honey and mint seasoning. This is a recipe I’d be willing to make again with no hesitation.

photo (9) photo (8)

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