Arugula and Mushroom Quesadilla

This recipe is also very simple and it came from a cookbook that I sadly lost about a month ago. I flew to my homestate for a visit and while I was gone my building decided to checkups. This resulted in my kitchen sink overflowing and ruining almost all of my cookbooks. I used to keep them lined up on the shelf next to the sink. I now keep them on top of my fridge. Lesson learned.

Thankfully I was able to replace all of my cookbooks, except two. This one was called Week Night Menus and the other one was called Wal-Mart Family Cookbook. Finding the Wal-Mart one has been really frustrating because I can’t figure out what edition it was. It had a recipe from an ex boyfriend’s mother in it. I thought it was from 2005 but I ordered that and it didn’t have her recipe. I’m sure I could ask my ex, but we haven’t talked in years. We are still friends with our mutual friends but last time I reached out to him he was quite frankly a douche. This was years ago though, so I’ve been wresting with whether or not I should contact him.

I might encounter him in the future though. My best friend from home is getting married and he’s still friends with the ex, so I’m sure he’s invited too. I’m very excited about my friend’s wedding! I love his fiancee and I get to be a groomswoman! I only know one other person who had a grooswoman and it’s something I’ve wanted to see more of truthfully. Also when I was younger I only had one female friend so when I would think about my future wedding, my friend was my best brides man, the other guys my bridesmen, and then my friend Sara. As I got older I made more female friends so now it would be more mixed.

I’m not sure if I want a wedding or if I’ll ever even get married though. Not trying to be a downer. It’s still a dream of mine to be with someone I love, who also loves me, and have that relationship last. I’m just not pushing or looking for it as strongly as I was when I was younger. Also the most fun part about weddings is the reception. So if I were to get married, I’d probably just have a court ceremony with a few close friends and family and then I’d have a giant party.

I know this is a total digression, but honestly I don’t have much to say about this recipe anyway. The hardest and most fun part about it was making the sauce for the quesadilla. I mixed mayonnaise, parmesan cheese, jarred red peppers, and other spices. It came out tasting a little like ranch dressing. Ranch dressing with some kick to it to be more precise. That’s not surprising though because mayonnaise is an ingredient for ranch dressing as well. It’s not as creamy though as you can see below.

photo (7)The filling for the quesadilla is real easy too, you just saute the arugula and the portobello mushrooms before hand. When everything is cooked you spread the sauce, swiss cheese, the mushrooms, and the arugula on one end, fold, and then cook on a skillet. You heat one side for a few minutes and then you turn it over. It’s real easy and boring to talk about, but it was good!

photo (5)  photo (6)

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