All The Vegetables You Can Fit in a Pot Soup

The actual name of this recipe is hearty vegetable soup. It came from a cookbook called Light and Healthy. Similar to Cooking Light, this cookbook looks for healthy alternatives for ingredients. This is one of my favorite cookbooks because not only are most of the recipes delicious but generally healthy as well. Each recipe has a short story in it too that is sometimes entertaining. There was a dip recipe where they spent hours finding the right sour cream combo to use until they not only got the right taste but also the right consistency.

So you should have no doubts that they take the health and the taste of their recipes seriously.

For being soup, this particular recipe was a little insane though. Like I suggest in my title, it seemed like it had every damn vegetable in existence! Which is annoying when it comes to prep and shopping. I was able to buy every ingredient at my local Vons, except for parsnips. I thought for a minute about searching for some. I didn’t want my soup to feel incomplete, but then I realized I had practically every vegetable Von’s sold in my bag already. As you can see, leaving the parsnips out didn’t take away from the fullness of the soup.

photo (3)

The hardest part about making this soup was the countless hours of chopping all those vegetables! Ok, so maybe it didn’t take hours, but it sure felt like it. I’m not a great chopper so for me it was excruciating. Once everything is chopped, it’s pretty easy to make. You just put it in your pot, add vegetable broth, a little bit of tomato paste, and finally the appropriate spices. Heat it up to a boil and you’ve got your vegetable intake for the day!

Despite this being easy to make, I wouldn’t make it again though. It wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t good either. It was just somewhere in mediocre land.  Spending all that time on chopping and vegetable shopping just isn’t worth it.


At least we can say the soup is photogenic though.


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