Beets and Blue Cheese AKA Cheese makes everything right

My first documented recipe was a success. It came from a magazine called Cooking Light. This particular issue focuses on summer comfort foods that are health consciousness. My mother sent it to me when I first moved to LA because I felt like a fat piece of trash compared to all the other girls in town. Let’s face it, half of those girls were probably skinny because of eating disorders and/or drugs. The other half were naturally skinny, worked out, or their mothers also bought them cooking magazines focusing on healthy eating. It’s kind of working for me, I might have to move on to cocaine or heroin though. Can’t get rid of this one little fat roll. This is sarcasm folks, don’t be alarmed.

The dish I made from this book was a side dish. It was baked beets with blue cheese and it was definitely comforting and good! The first step was removing the stems from the bright, red beets and setting them aside. I then had to boil the beets so that I could peel the skin off. This trick can be done with tomatoes too, but it only works if you place the vegetables in cold water after boiling. You have to have the right amount of hot to cold, otherwise it doesn’t really work. I had trouble with these beets admittedly. Some of them I was too frustrated and left part of the skin on. This is because I’m lazy. Don’t be like me.

After peeling the beets, I cut them up into quarter sized squares and placed them on a cookie sheet. Now here’s where the fun begins. It begins with blue cheese. You layer the beets with blue cheese, some heavy cream, and other ingredients. Then you cover that mixture with the stems you cut off earlier and sprinkle it with more blue cheese and breadcrumbs. All that’s left to do is to bake it in the oven. When finished you have a delicious side dish or desert. It actually makes a good desert. Europeans do this because they know that when they feel fat and desire something sweet, fruit with cheese or sweet toppings help cravings. Now you know.

photo (1)

This be the beets


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